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OverCome Fertility - Food Classsification in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Perspective

Traditional Chinese medicine views infertility with more natural approaches, by diagnosis the underlying causes and treating each woman and man as a unique entity and the body as a whole. Depending in what have been diagnosed, you may given advice not to eat some kinds of food which may interfere with your chance of fertility. In this article, we will discuss how foods are classified in TCM.
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1. Cold
Cold foods in traditional Chinese medicine are considered as a type of food which may stimulate the colding effects in your body and deplete the yang qi as resulting of our body needs to counter the colding effect with yang qi in the body. Prolong period of taking these kinds of food without balancing them with other warm or hot foods may cause yang qi and kidney yang deficiency resulting in interfering with normal function of the reproductive organ and lessoning the chance of fertility in men and women alike. For women who try to conceive should avoid to eat these type of food all together or counter with at least same amount of hot foods.
a) Bamboo
b) Banana
c) Grape fruit
d) Clams
e) Seaweed
f) Watermelon
g) Bitter melon
h) Etc.

2. Cool
Same as cold food, but they are not as strong. It also depletes the yang qi but moderately, therefore eating these types of foods should counter with some warm food to avoid yang qi and kidney yang deficiency. Women who try to get pregnancy is advised to eat only moderate amounts and for nutrients only. Otherwise, they may dampen the chance of fertility.
a) Apple
b) Lectuce
c) Cucunber
d) Pear
e) Spinach
f) Strawberry
g) Tomato
h) Etc.

3. Neutral
Although neutral foods are types of food which have no effects in ying and yang qi in the body, but it may have other side effect such as rice, gain and potato which may interfere with insulin production of the spleen as well as liver function in carbohydrate metabolism. If these types of foods have any effects with the chance of fertility, your herbalist will let you know in the process.
a) Apricot
b) Beet
c) All kinds of red meat
d) Celery
e) Honey
f) Rice
g) Bread
h) Etc.

4. Warm
Warm foods are considered as food with warming effects in the body. It is most important foods
which are used most often for pregnant women as they can help to maintain the healthy pregnancy as well as protection against miscarriage. Warm foods increase your body temperature and yang qi slightly that helps to increase the chance of fertility in women and men alike.
a) Black tea
b) Cherry
c) Chive
d) Leek
e) Peach
f) Raspberry
g) Chicken
h) Etc.

5. Hot
Foods with hot nature are normally good for improving immune system in fighting against forming of free radicals, bacteria and virus as well as increasing the blood flow to the body including the reproductive organs, but over eating these types of food may cause yin qi and kidney yin deficiency leading to hormone imbalance and interfering with fertility process.
a) Garlic
b) Ginger
c) Pepper
d) Onion
e) Green onion
f) Cinnamon powder
g) Etc.
Finally, we would like you to know that most foods with bitter, sour and salty are classified as yin and hot and sweet are classified as yang.
This article is only provided you with information how food interacts directly to your chance of fertility. For more information, please consult with your herbalist.

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